Etichette Originali di Africa's Best Cornrow and Braid Revitalizer

Rivitalizzante per Treccine
Africa's Best Cornrow and Braid Revitalizer

Etichette originali:
Tired of frizzy, dull, lifeless braids? Organics Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer was especially formulated to bring braided hairstyles back to life. When applied it instantly increases shine, reduce frizziness and helps create a clean, fresh appareance. Penetrating trough hair extensions, Organics Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer conditions your own natural hair. Regular use helps prevent breakage when taking down braids.

Organics Cornrow & Braid Revitalizer is a light, nonflaking hair therapy that does not clog pores. Excellent for natural styles including locks and twists.

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