Etichette Originali di Sofn' Free Curl Activator Lotion

Lozione Attiva Ricci
Sofn' Free Curl Activator Lotion

Etichette originali:
Soft 'n' free 2 in 1 curl activator lotion activates and moisturizes curl in one easy step without white residue. It replaces moisture lost from hair trough perming, shampooing and climatic conditions. This special blend of vitamin E and panthenol protein eliminates the need for separate activator and moisturizers. It makes wave and curl maintenance easy, convenient and economical.

Key ingredient - Key function

Vitamin E - helps to promote healty hair

Panthenol - Conditions and restores moisture to the hair

Mink Oil - Provides silky feel and brilliant sheen

Glycerine - Provides softness and sheen

Directions: pour a generous amount of Soft 'n' free curl activator lotion into the palm of hand. Apply to the entire head of hair and massage thoroughly and evenly throughout the hair, paying particular attention to development of curl definition.

Caution: avoid eye contact. Hair is flammable. Keep away from open flames. Keep away from the reach of children. External use only.

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