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Pro Line Perm Repair

Etichette originali:
For all the things you do to your hair use Perm Repair.

Perm Repair Creme is a multi-purpose treatment and hairdress that nourishes and helps prevent damaged hair. Perms, Relaxers, Color, Chlorine, Sun, Thermal Irons and Blow Drying alter the natural pH and feel of your hair. Use Perm Repair Creme as a daily moisture treatment to help bring your hair back to it's normal, healthy pH level.


Use Perm Repair for this remedies and more...

Warning: Keep product out of reach of children. Keep product away from eyes and mouth. Product may be harmful if get in eyes, mouth and/or misused. If product gets in eyes rinse thoroughly with water. If product is swallowed consult a physician.

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