Etichette Originali di Namaste Carrot Oil Hair Dress

Maschera Ricrescita all'Olio di Carota
Namaste Carrot Oil Hair Dress

Etichette originali:
Beta Carotene & Amino Acids help prevent shedding and breaking excellent for natural, relaxed, pressed, or color treated hair.

Properly moisturizing and strengthening the hair can combat the daily stresses of styling which leads to split ends, shedding and/or breakage.

Organic Root Stimulator has blended the most strengthening agents found in nature and infused them into a vitamin-rich fortifying crème. The herbal and protein blend of strenght building and moisturizing ingredients including: beta carotene, vitamin F (a known moisturizer), nettle (a known strengthener) and amino acids penetrate to help mend and rebuild the hair shaft.

Please note: due to natural ingredients, product may change color.

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