Etichette Originali di Inter Cellular Olive Moisturizing Shine Serum

Siero Lucidante all'Olio d'Oliva
Inter Cellular Olive Moisturizing Shine Serum

Etichette originali:
IC Inter Cellular Hair Polisher

Olive Moisturizing Shine Serum.

Repairs dry, damaged hair. Nourishes, Hydrates, Shines.

Protects hair from damage caused by heat appliances, the sun's rays and the environment.

Feather lite formula does not weight the hair down for easy styling. Hair will be detangled and smooth to the touch. Olive Serum is not oily or greasy, and is ideal for all hair types. Dry, frizzy and chemical treated hair will be hydrated with more moisture and shine than ever before!

Directions: on damp hair: apply 4-6 drops to hair. On Dry Hair apply 3-5 drops to hair.

Caution: Avoid fire, flame and smoking until hair is dry.

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